138 Orchid Mauve
137 Lotus Mauve
136 Water Lily Purple
134 Rose Pale Pink
135 Strelizia 3
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133 Rose Monochrome
131Strelizia 2
132 Magnolia Pink/Red
304 Beach Sailing
400mm H x 500mm W x 37mm D $AU165
305 Coral Lotus
600mm H x 500mm W x 37mm D
302 White Magnolia
510mm H x 510mm W x 37mm D
306 Night Sky
500mm H x 760mm W x 37mm D
Shipping is in addition to price of artwork in this section
139 Rose Rainbow
140 Rose Crimson/Gold
141 Goldfish
142 Farmhouse
141 Rose Reflection
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200mm x 200mm x 37mm
$AU70 each (including shipping in Australia)
301 Beach Rocks
400mm H x 800mm W x 20mm D
303 Space
900mm H x 1200mm W x 45mm D $AU550
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307 Sunset Beach
400mm H x 800mm W x 20mm D